Australia's new biotechnology company leads the way

Mr Joseph A. Vella,
founder, CEO and Managing Director of Thorgard Pharmaceuticals (Aust.) Pty Ltd

2005 Scientific Report investigating the welfare issues of pregnante mares wearing Thorgard's collection device (Adobe PDF Download)

Australia's new biotechnology company leads the way...
Thorgard Pharmaceuticals (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. presents the world's new innovation of Pregnant Mares' Urine (PMU) Farming. The concept is known as Natural Estrogen Collection Systems (NECS) Farming. This Australian concept provides a more humane alternative to the methods and practices currently used to collect pregnant mares' urine (PMU) from horses. PMU is used for the supply of natural conjugated oestrogens that are used for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API).

Australia introduces NECS Farming the new humane approach to PMU collection
An exciting new innovation in the equine agriculture industry developed by Thorgard Pharmaceuticals (Aust) Pty Ltd is set to redefine the future of this multi billion dollar a year industry.

Thorgard Pharmaceuticals have developed innovative technology for the collection of urine from horses for use as a source of conjugated estrogen hormone.

Thorgard Pharmaceuticals (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. (Thorgard) is a privately owned Australian bio technology and agricultural company established to further develop and commercialise bio technology for the collection and processing of pregnant mares' urine (PMU) as a source of conjugated estrogen hormones. Estrogen pharmaceuticals are used for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in women, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.

According to Joseph Vella, Managing Director, Thorgard Pharmaceuticals (Aust) Pty Ltd, Thorgard has undertaken considerable research and development into the preparation of estrogenic concentrates and their chemical analysis referring to its technology as the Natural Estrogen Collection System or NECS Farming Practice.

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